How it works


The odour baited mosquito trap.


The MTego mosquito trap attracts mosquitoes using a highly attractive synthetic odour and other human characteristics. The MTego has been developed based on over 10 years of mosquito behavioural research to deliver the most effective mosquito trapping solution.

The PM6 is extremely attractive

to human-biting mosquitoes.


The PM6 odour blend mimics the evaporation of human sweat and results in superior capture performance in the MTego trap. The odour is delivered by a sachet which is hung inside the trap. This sachet releases the highly attractive odour slowly providing long-lasting performance for up to 3 months before the sachet needs to be replaced.

The MTego pot is a standing trap and can be placed anywhere. This discreet product can be placed in a perimeter around an area without distracting from the scenery, subtly offering your clients the highest level of mosquito control.


The MTego premium can be hung in suitable locations around outdoor terrace areas. This visually attractive product advertises your MTego mosquito control to guests highlighting your commitment to providing a mosquito-free environment.



Standing mosquito trap

offering discreet protection


Luxury hanging mosquito trap preferred by premium users.

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