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Delivering comfort and reducing risk.



The MTego is an affordable add-on to solar home systems. Even small systems can support the MTego due to its low power consumption.

The addition of the MTego to your product portfolio allows you to offer your customers protection against human-biting mosquitoes, reducing the risk of disease transmission.



Committed to 'mass trapping'!

Reducing mosquito presence

Placing the trap outside can reduce mosquito presence around the home as well as intercept invaders. The Odour cues are most attractive to mosquitoes looking for a human blood meal. Intercepting and capturing mosquitoes on the hunt reduces their number and prevents biting.

Reducing populations

Catching mosquitoes before they bite prevents them from getting the blood meal needed to reproduce. Disrupting the reproductive cycle in this way prevents the next generation of potentially deadly mosquitoes.

Targeting disease

The MTego trap and PM6 have been developed and fine-tuned to especially target Anopheles mosquitoes, capable of transmitting malaria. Catching these mosquitoes before they bite can help to prevent malaria transmission. Previous studies by Wageningen University and Research have shown the potential for mass trapping to reduce malaria transmission with a high coverage of traps.

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