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MTego+_Mosquito Trap - for dark backgrou
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High Captures

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User Centered

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Insecticide free

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Scientifically tested

For high-performance mosquito control

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Product Service Solution

Offer your clients the complete MTego mosquito control.


Assess the issues and understand the  needs of the individual client to design a bespoke solution.



Professional installation of the customized control project ensuring optimised control.

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Top class service ensuring the long lasting performance of your MTego control.


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Bespoke Solutions

Expert understanding for optimised control.

PreMal has expert knowledge of nuisance mosquito behaviours and translates this expertise into the development of optimised trapping solutions.

Understanding the needs of individual clients allows us to develop bespoke product placement maps, designed to concentrate the MTego protection to specific problem areas delivering the highest value.

Complete Control 

The MTego mosquito control is a high-performance product-service solution perfect for your clients in Hospitality, Private Residences and Commercial sectors.




Premium Resellers

Provide your clients with the next generation of mosquito control.

Contact us today to discuss MTego mosquito control where you are.

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